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Last Update: December 14, 2017

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  We have no record of  the Class Year for these classmates:
Class Year First Last Married City St Email
UNK Horace R Bills Plant City FL
UNK Darryl Blosser (Deceased)
UNK Mark Chapman Sarasota FL
UNK Carolyn Cheney Green (Deceased)
UNK Ken Combs Port Charlotte FL
UNK Bernis Drymon Sarasota FL
UNK Jessica Feather Sarasota FL
UNK Sandra Green Watkins Oviedo FL
UNK Edwin Gremli Sarasota FL
UNK Gret Guana Cay Abaco Bahamas .
UNK Norma Himes Hammer Ft Myers FL
UNK Matthew Hostetler Sarasota FL
UNK Shana Q Keegan Thorndike ME
UNK Shelly Klinger Sarasota FL
UNK William A Krause Sarasota FL
UNK Pauline J Lantz Lantz Palmetto FL
UNK Dale Lockett Clancy Sarasota FL
UNK Judy McDonough Mewes Sarasota FL RETD
UNK Arlin Miller Sarasota FL
UNK Charles Mixon Ruskin FL
UNK Pete Morgan Myakka City FL
UNK Molly Mott Ashworth Sarasota FL
UNK Thomas Packer Sarasota FL RETD
UNK Holly Paige Now Sarasota FL RETD
UNK David Patrick Winter Garden FL
UNK Melissa Perkins Sarasota FL
UNK Claudia Reynolds Crawfordville FL
UNK Alfred J Riegel Sarasota FL
UNK Craig M Rothberg Orlando FL
UNK Eleanor Russell (Deceased)
UNK Olive Russo Sarasota FL
UNK Joan Schaffer Sarasota FL
UNK Clarence Stokes Sarasota FL
UNK Judy Titlte Vincent Sarasota FL
UNK Toni Anne Walper Christie Davenport IA
UNK Barbara Watrous (Deceased)
UNK Wilma Watson (Deceased)

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