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_Name  Subject(s)    Year(s)  Whereabouts
Adams, Ruby Physical Education 64  
Aguilera, Angel P.  Spanish 64  
Albee, Doris P. Math 60-64  
Allen, Ron Social Studies 64  
Anderson, A.R. Vocational Manual & Fine Arts 42  
Antrim, Eliza Foreign Languages 46-64  
Arnoldy, William English 57-60  
Baggett, Lemore Vocational Manual & Fine Arts 42  
Bales, W.F. History, Coaching, Phys Ed 57-64  
Banks, Wilmer Music, Orchestra 58-64  
Bellum, Cilfford Drafting 46  
Bennett, Montine DCT 46-57  
Berwald, Raymond E Music 57-60  
Betz, Jack Math 57  
BeVier, Wealtha Science and Math 42-60  
Birdwhistell, Ada B. Business Ed 64  
Bloodsworth, C.E. Vocational Ag    
Bottari, Flores Vocational Manual & Fine Arts 42  
Brekhus, Arthur Tech Cabinet Shop 58-60  
Brinskelle, Florence C. Business Ed 64  
Broderick, Linda Physical Education 59-60  
Browning Home Economics 46  
Bullington, L.S. Vocational Manual & Fine Arts 42  
Canfield, Kenneth Tech Auto Shop 58-64  
Cannon, Jessie Languages 42  
Carlton, Creta Science 57-58  
Chambers English 46  
Chatfield, Mae Commercial 42-60  
Chindahl, Margery Languages 42  
Claville, Ida Science and Math 42  
Cleland, Charles Science, Coaching, Phys Ed 59-64 (Deceased)
Cleland, Troy Math, Coaching 58  
Clement, Margaret Art 46-60  
Corbus, Burton R. Jr Social Studies 64  
Covington, Mary Louise Foreign Languages 57-64  
Cribbins Math 46  
Crockett, Anne Allen English 58  
Crowley Ag 46  
Curtis, Jody English 59-60  
Dana, Rose-Marie E.G. Math    
Davis, Floyd H Chemistry 64  
Davis, Harold O. Art 60-64  
Deal, Mary Biology, History, Social Studies 46-64  
DiBacco, Archie English 57-60  
Dittmer, Louise Home Economics 59-60  
Echols Home Economics 46  
Edmondson, Mrs. J.D. Science and Math 42-46  
Eure, Rosella Fuguitt Vocational Manual & Fine Arts 42  
Fatic, Mrs. P.R. Journalism, English 42-46  
Fergerson, E. Lee Science and Math 42  
Ferree, George English 57  
Flake, Pauline Languages 42  
Foss, Hetrick A. Business Ed 64  
Gilbert, Ad S Physical Education 58-60  
Gilbert, Mildred Physical Education 57-60  
Gray, Marydale M History 60  
Gremli Commercial 46  
Gridley, Sibyl P. Foreign Languages 58  
Grimm, Calvin Science, Biology 59-64  
Grover, Sidney History 58  
Gutteridge, C.R. Science and Math 42  
Hailey, Sally History, Social Studies 42-60  
Handy, Russell F. Jr Chemistry 64  
Hanna, William P Social Studies 64  
Harbour, May Stead Social Studies 42  
Harp, Kay English 64  
Harperm Robert Science and Math 42  
Harrington, Fred H. Science 64  
Haygood, Michael Austin Math 57  
Hayworth, Mrs. Leo Vocational Manual & Fine Arts 42  
Hicks, Mary History, Social Studies 42-46  
Howell Physical Education 46  
Huckolls, Lavena B. English 64  
Humphfreys, William H Tech Ag 60  
Huncke, George D. Foreign Languages 58  
Isom, Evelyn Social Studies 42  
Israel, Solomon History, Coaching 58  
Jacobs, Ilene G. Spanish 64  
Jeffrey, Albert N. Coaching, MechDwg, Wood Shop 59-64  
Johnson Tech Cabinet Shop 46  
Johnson Tech History 46  
Johnson L.M. Vocational Manual & Fine Arts 42  
Jordan, William R. Journalism, English 57  
Kirkwood Tech Sheetmetal 46  
Knepper, V.C. Tech Industrial Arts 42-46  
Kopel, James English 58-60  
Kragel, Roy F. Social Studies 64  
Kretschmar, Berkeley Jenkins Science and Math 42  
Lacy, Virginia Jayne Social Studies 64  
Landers, James Science 59-60  
Landrum, Charlotte Home Economics 58  
Lane, James E. Business Ed 64  
Lassiter, A.L. Math 58  
Lee, William History, Coaching 58-60  
Long, MarthaS. English 57-58  
Love, Eunice W. Library Science 64  
MacClean, S.K. Tech Drafting Shop 58-64  
MacDonald, Mary Frances Art Education 64  
Mahar, George T History 60  
Matheny, Elizabeth Languages 42  
Mayer English 46  
Mayfield, James E. Science 57-58  
McAfee, Ruth Vocational Manual & Fine Arts 42  
McCawley, Erin History 57-58  
McClure, Paul Speech 58  
McGee, Harry Tech Machine Shop 46-64  
McIntire, Virginia Commercial 57-60  
McLain Spanish 46  
McLain, Grace Languages 42  
McNeill, Sheila English 64  
Meadows, Linda Physical Education 64  
Mesch, Carl Social Studies 42  
Mikesell, Homer History, Science, Audio Visual 57-64  
Miller, Hanna Librarian 59-64  
Miller, Irene Languages 42  
Minkley, Suzanne Spanish 57  
Nelson, Jane Foreign Languages 59-60  
Niederpruem, Christine English 79-16  
O'Grady, Gail Patricia English 64  
Oster, Sarah B. English 57-64  
Palmer, Lou Ann Social Studies 64  
Patrick Tech Radio-TV Shop 46  
Perkins, Ralph Social Studies 42  
Peyton, Joe B. English 57-64  
Piatchuk, Helen Commercial 60  
Pilcher, Nancy English 64  
Poston, Frances English 59-64  
Proctor, Barbara L. Commercial, Business Ed 58-64  
Riegel Science 46  
Roberts, Loyd Thomas Science 64  
Rodriguez, Vincent L. Foreign Languages 60  
Rogers, Gwen Library Science 64  
Rose, Mrs. Mason Study Hall, Social Studies 42-46  
Russell, Louis W. Commercial, Business Ed 57-64  
Saiter, Daniel Driver's Education 58-64  
Santana, Ed Band 64  
Scarborough, Etta History, Speech, English 46-64  
Schneider, Karl F. Commercial, Business Ed 57-64  
Scott Tech Math 46  
Sears, Mrs. Frank Latin 42-46  
Self, Roxanne Homemaking, Home Economics 57-64  
Shogren, Lorna Languages 42  
Shumway, JaneSue MAST 00-09  
Siegel, Kenneth Tech Radio-TV Shop 58-64  
Spangler, Eugene History, Coaching, Physical Ed 58-60  
Steinberg, Seymour Math 59-60  
Stevenson Physical Education 46  
Sturgis, Voltaire Band 42-46  
Suarez, Floreal "Flody" Coach 67-85  
Swope, Edward N. Science 57-58  
Tackett, Arnold Tech English 59-60  
Tarrer, Margaret Languages 42  
Taylor, Fred W. English 58-64 (Deceased)
Tench, James G. Math 57-60 (Deceased)
Thacker, Mrs. Robert Math 42-46  
Thomas, Dempsey L. Vocational Ag 57-58  
Thompson, George Jr History, Social Studies 59-64  
Tinsley, Burnette Math 57-60  
Tolleson, Sylvelin Physical Education 57-58  
Traugott, R.O. DCT 59-60  
Turner, Marie Vocational Manual & Fine Arts 42  
Verheul, Gustav German 64  
Vinley, Dennis English 64  
Walker, Dorothy English 57-58  
Walker, Mrs. Cliff Languages 42  
Walters, Catherine Vocational Manual & Fine Arts 42  
Watson, Wilma Social Studies 42  
Weaver, Robert History, Social Studies 58-64  
Wells Tech English 46  
Werner, Lorna Speech  57  
Whiting, Mary History 57  
Whitman, Everet Math 58-60 (Deceased)
Whitman, Janet Science, Physics 58-64  
Wininger, Darrell Math 58-60  
Woolever, John D. Science 57-58  
Wooten Music 46  
Workizer, Col Daniel Math 57  
Wright, Andrew Music 57-64 (Deceased)
Wright, Beverly English 57-60  
Wuthrich, Zack Tech Ag 59-60  
Zeigler, Mae Math 57-60  

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