Class of 1968

Last Update: December 24, 2017

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Lannie Bifano Gallo Sarasota FL
Douglas Blakekey   Gray KY
Kathy Bouknight Shealy Newberry SC
Peter Budrunas Tucson AZ
Rob Chapman St Augustine FL
Thomas Chase Bradenton FL
Steven Paul Clark (Deceased)
Phillip Coe Fayetteville GA
Marc S Cohen St Petersburg FL
Melvin Joseph Cook (Deceased)
Larry Edwards Sarasota FL
Dale Fruehwald Sarasota FL
Ernie Fulton Sarasota FL
Cheryl Hammond Paetsch Sarasota FL
Althea Hawkins Stewart Pooler GA
Dru Haworth Green Sarasota FL
Nina Hay Powers (Deceased)    
Louis Hazard Stuart VA
Kendall Hiles (Deceased)
Jody Hornikel Webber (Deceased)
Nancy Karamales Kavalieratos Manakin Sabot VA
Karen Klein Seco Sarasota FL
Wayne Lamke Raleigh NC
Carol Mahaffey   (Deceased)    
Thomas McCullough Sioux Falls SD
Rick McVay Boca Raton FL
Ken Miller Pinellas Park FL
Mike J Mollohan Sarasota FL
David C Mulvaney (Deceased)
Carol Mynatt (Deceased)
Carol Naylor Geiser Applecreek OH
June Neubauer (Deceased)
Jim O'Neile (Deceased)
Sandy Pitts Dole Sarasota FL
Dennis Robarts (Deceased)
Donald Thomas Roehr Bradenton FL
Erick Shumway Sarasota FL
Jo Ann Sneyd Heed Sarasota FL
Janice Timm Slidell Sarasota FL
Lorraine Vessel Hotaling Pinehurst TX 281-259-4818
Margit Weirda Mize Calafell Spain
Jimmy White Knoxville TN
Derek Wilson Billib Sarasota FL
Nancy Windhorn Elkins Clermont FL


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