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...a multi-class gathering of students who attended Sarasota High School.
All classes...  All years.  (Graduation not required)
If you went to SHS you're welcome!

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A View of the 2015 Grand Reunion
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Once again you did it classmates!  A "Grand" time was had by all.

The performances by the present students of Sarasota High School were nothing short of superb.  The music and singing took each of us back to the day.  We all swelled with pride and most of us were indeed misty-eyed.

Many thanks to all who completed surveys.  Your thoughts and comments will go a long way help to make the event even Grand-er!  (The longest wait for anything was the Beer Line)

We've joined the "Band  of Alumni" to support the Music Department.  Alums at the Grand Reunion were generous with their donations for the cause.  If you'd like to join our "Band" and financially support the Mighty Sailor Band you can make you contributions online here:


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Vietnam Casualties from Sarasota
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